Christian dating gods way

There is new light now revealing the idea that Aryan Man may well have migrated here to Earth from a homeland planet in the Pleiades.There are 250 stars in the Pleiades but the most celebrated are the “Seven Stars of Taurus” which are also known as “The Seven Virgins”.

There may be more than we really know concerning the high significance of the number seven and the horns of Taurus.

The Iberians were a much smaller race than the Teutons but were physically well developed with creamy white skin and jet black hair.

From the influence of that Aryan racial strain were created the Black Irish of the Celts, the Spanish and Portuguese and of course the Minoans of Crete to whom the bull was celebrated perhaps more than anywhere in all of the Aryan lands outside of Atlantis.

The gods and goddesses of our folk help us to navigate that great mystery of life which manifests from the One.

No true pagan has ever been gnawed by doubt about the divine nature; only those who betray the God within and sacrifice their soul to an eternal alien, and thereby the eternal unknown…

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