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I can invite people, I always stay as the owner, I can never do a transmission of ownership so it's always mine.

You see here a plus so I can actually collaborate with my team members if I the copy and another one has the images I can work together with my colleagues.

Cause I am the owner I can remove people, so this is from one of the projects I've done. Well at some point, maybe you'll have freelancers and you don't want to have them access to your server, because there's many a material at your server level. Another thing is that these files are also shown on mobile devices, so if you have like people ... And I like this community thing, like I can view whatever comment has been put on it.

account managers or any level you can show the results of the In Design, Photoshop, or Illustrator just the native files on a mobile device and that's new. If I want to add activity, maybe my account manager is at the customer's side, he looks at the file and he says no I don't like the color.

You see my file here, Argos, and all my screens and if I go back just one step then you can see that this little man over here, it shows that it's already shared with people. In Design, I am looking right now through a browser, you see I'm in Chrome, and I'm looking at the In Design file. Even if you don't have the software on your computer, it doesn't load but that's the internet I cannot anything do about it. You will see that you're looking at my native In Design file.

If, I look at this one you see that there are several members who are already viewing this file or doing something with my file. So you give them just access for one file, this is the file you're working on, if you're ready then the collaborate will stop. If, somebody changes something on my In Design file and saves it then you're looking at the last version of the In Design file.

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