Chi cha lounge speed dating

Even with a big audience, it’s still spacious; armed with a balcony, there’s good views no matter where you’re standing. Named for the owner’s great-grandmother, the bar boasts dozens of TVs in the relaxed downstairs, and an upstairs patio dance floor that goes strong until close.

Be sure to dress up, whether sitting down for gospel brunch or grooving to slick beats at a dance party.

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In this downstairs space, parties go late – very late, in fact. This hipster hangout, and its next-door neighbor Dodge City, are narrow, popular and friendly bars, both with back patios.

Named for DC-born soul singer Marvin Gaye, this hot spot serves authentic soul food with a Belgian twist amid fantastically ornate decor. A subterranean hideaway music venue for underground and big-name acts.

Prices are low, crowds are friendly and acoustics are great in a space with no attitude.

This is a type of dating where a number of prospects chat with you.

The conversation would last a few minutes, allowing you to meet dozens of people in one night.

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