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Those two consecutive sixes has put the game withing CSK's reach again. Unless Kohli springs up something out of the ordinary. To the naked eye on first glance, seemed a 50-50 call.Remember that RCB have inexperienced and hittable bowlers to bowl these remaining 4 overs. de Kock and Corey Anderson aren't impressed Corey Anderson to Rayudu, 1 run, dropped by Umesh at extra-cover. Rayudu moved across to the off-side, skied the lofted hit straight up. Fine leg and third man in Corey Anderson [1.0-0-10-0] is back into the attack RCB death overs (16-20) bowling in IPL 20/2 (3.5) v KKR33/3 (4.2) v KXIP88/1 (5.0) v RR70/3 (5.0) v MI71/2 (5.0) v DDNegi to Rayudu, no run, how is that not a wide? Pitches on the tramline marker and spins away, beats Rayudu's slog-sweep, who is shocked that it wasn't given a wide.Wants to guide past short third man, finds the fielder.

You may win or lose, but it's about getting the process right.Umesh went for the conventional way, straight in and out. Corey Anderson to Dhoni, 1 run, full outside off, smashed straight down the ground, but Kohli has placed himself straight at long-off. We saw what happened to SRH when a no-ball wasn't called, they lost by 4. Dhoni makes his displeasure known to the umpire-cam Negi to Rayudu, SIX, 50 for Rayudu.He is getting tired and losing some of his power, but this he sits back and waits for it to be bowled short, then mauls the pull over deep mid.Kohli will get a lot of flack for bowling out his key bowlers very early and the team selection of course, but come on, whatever your name is, you got to back yourself to defend 45 off 18 balls.Kohli wants his bowlers to learn, hopefully they do quickly.

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