Chelsea meissner dating

The way they demonstrated their connection on social media was adorable too, However, the romance is no more up for the two, as Austen confirmed about his relationship talking to The Daily Dish. And I mean, it’s nerve-wracking." The partying ways of the then-pair indeed broke many fan's hearts. However, his romantic union with Chelsea does help to fend the gay rumors that he was often surrounded with.

As he is reaching for further heights in his careers, his followers indeed want to know more about him.

, Austen Kroll has been off and on dating Shep Rose’s crush Chelsea Meissner throughout the season, but the couple definitely appeared to be catching serious feelings by the end of the season.

Recently, Chelsea wished Austen a “happy birthday” online and said, “Happy 30th to this dimpled dime piece, @krollthewarriorking Love you and your big heart #Indecisive Geminis.” But, we will have to wait and see on the reunion if they are an official couple or if they’ve decided to just be friends.

She kind of lives her life more like Cam does [like a homebody] and I like to go out. You know, but I didn't think that she did anything wrong — and I didn't think I did anything wrong. But, it was interesting." Moreover, amidst Chelsea and Austen's break up, Shep Rose is all set to get married!

I like to go get a beer at 3 o'clock in the afternoon if I can, It's a part of my job. Born on June 16, 1987, in Washington, DC, Austen Kroll is 30 years of age.

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