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Source: Shutter Stock Ja L19: Don't call guys pigs when they look at a women who is sexy in a magazine or movie or whatever, and then say it's different when girls drool over guys with six packs and shit. Source: Shutter Stock dirtymoney: stop getting mad at me for what I did in your dreams.Let's just all drool over beautiful humans together or not do it at all. It's hard for me to get mad at my boyfriend for his crush on Kate Upton when I have a shirtless picture of Ryan Gosling as the background of my phone. Okay, I'm not going to lie, this has happened to me.I know you're probably just trying to figure out what's going on with him, but guys need a little space sometimes. Just tell me what you want and stop hemming and hawing and saying, "nothing" when you really do want something. Source: Shutter Stock _spookie: Don't tell him it's ok if he does something (like going out with the guys) if you're going to get mad at him for not staying in with you for the night. "I was hoping we could stay at home tonight and watch Game Of Thrones" is a perfectly acceptable thing to say, if that's what you want. 15 obvious signs a guy likes you Follow Gurl, pretty please!

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I just think it’s interesting to know this stuff, especially since some of these are things you wouldn’t want guys doing either.Also, not all dudes think the same, so just because one guy is saying this doesn’t mean it’s what everyone wants.So, here are 15 things all guys want women to stop doing right now.You're not allowed to be mad at him for doing something you expressed approval of. Source: Shutter Stock Which of these things do you disagree with? CHORUS------------------------------ Today's the day, She'll leave it all The people who she lovin she wont see tomorrow// So say good bye cest la vie This the way it's gotta be// ohhh, I aint gone forever but I'm gone for good, I was like Oh-oh-oh-oh I aint coming back to this neighborhood, Im gone, I don't plan on see any of you again, Im'a go-oh-oh-oh-oh, to a place that you never been Verse1 Obviously lately ive been feelin like im sick , Thinkin all these people against me paramoid of who im with Ive been focused on some dumb shit and its taking up my strenth, now I'm just premeditating on some ways i could escape Maybe I'll stop maybe ill quit, maybe ILL MAKE IT OUT maybe ill switch, I dont really know tho livin slow mo, gettin blow like a polo-roid pic Im disappearing out the picture, (im disapearring out the picture) Headed to another level homie see you when you get there// *break Chorus -------------------------- VERSE 2 Honestly she thinkin all the times that she was reaching out to all peoples when she needed help to keep from sinkin she was drownin with a mouthful and a nasil full of powder and her outerwall was crumbling but she still aint get no love she tought Ive been wasting time doing this, why is it that im doing this?

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