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Down at the police station, they put me through the usual wringer.

In the end she had to break down and admit it was all a big story. I hung up the phone and sat there on the couch, thinking to myself. I just went to work and came home, nothing special. I quickly shoved the blonde skank off my lap and dug my phone out of my pocket. I headed outside so I could talk where it was more quiet.

She looked damn good that day in her nice white skirt with a light blue button up blouse and a matching white jacket. Oh, they called me all kinds of names and were gonna kick my ass, blah, blah, blah. Today, I just walked on out of the courthouse and went down the street to a bar. Ill call The Farmer tonight and get something set up.

I felt like throwing her down on a table in the courtroom and fucking the shit out of her again! Like I hadnt been called names before nor had threats made to me. But not just to have a few celebratory beers with my lawyer. Pretty little Lacey was going to be sorry she had not kept her mouth shut when I told her. And the amazing thing was, my lawyer was going to help!

Back when I raped that girl 10 years ago, I had blown her a kiss as I was led off to jail. When all this had started, I had explained to my lawyer that I wasnt sure how I was going to pay him. But, yeah if hes got people who are experts at this business, lets get them involved.

He had been very highly recommended to me by a friend, but Christ! He said, yes, he was very expensive, but he got results. More than likely hell just up his take from you until its paid off.

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Instead, he had said he knew a way whereby HE could help me pay! Apparently, he had a whole network of people working for him. She struggled, flailing her arms around, trying to hit me. Her screams were muffled by the t-shirt over her mouth. If she told anybody what had just happened, well, she'd be sorry. I pulled her shorts back up, but left the t-shirt still wrapped around her head. Didnt help, either, that I lived right across from the victim. I dont think they believed me, but I didnt give a shit. She launched herself at me, slapping and screaming at me.You fucking bastard! I could just picture the fat fuck sitting in his apartment in his underwear, jacking off while he watched all the young women in the building undressing. I had a damn good lawyer and we ripped little Miss Lacey to pieces on the stand. Since I had a prior record, I was automatically a suspect. I feigned mock outrage, of course, but I submitted to them peacefully as they snapped the handcuffs on me. My neighbours were standing out in the hallway watching the whole thing. Laceys sister Brittany was standing outside her apartment. Sick old prick probably had hidden cameras in all their apartments. On her feet was a pair of white sneakers with no socks. She had started a couple of washing machines so it was quite noisy in the room. I pushed her panties to the side and guided my cock up to the edge of her pussy lips. She was dry but I entered her with little resistance. I held her down firmly, her face mashed into the concrete floor. My thighs slapped against her ass as I fucked her hard and relentlessly. She also admitted she had had a few beers that evening before she did her laundry. Kudos to my lawyer, he had done some great private detective work, looking into her history. Always wore the tightest jeans and shortest skirts. Tonight she was wearing a pair of green gym shorts and a white t-shirt. She was wearing some pink bikini panties with little roses on them. My sweats were down in a second, my thick 8 1/2 inch cock at attention. Her firm, athletic body felt good as she squirmed and bucked underneath me. During cross-examination, she had said she wasnt afraid about getting pregnant because she was on birth control.

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