Chat rooms for master slaves in new zealand

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I have come up with the idea that everyone has to be a little MAD to live in this world and those who call themselves normal really truly frighten me.

You know how it goes, "He was such a nice and normal person, I never thought he could do such a thing,", now ask me why I fear normals? I have many books in my library and I am always looking to add new ones to it.

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RANDOM ADDED GET DELETED please message me here or my IMVU account if you wish to add me.

PM me to get to know me I have no reason to lie and I am willing to let you into my world, but because for the insane run the place and have been know to push thing to far.

I am bi-polar and schizophrenic, I have voices in my head, that have been know to give me good advice.

I love My Little Ponies and have started a good collection for my daughter, she now owner over 20 old school ponies and 15 mini ponies.

I have four cats and two dogs, they are great fun in my house.

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