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“The issue here is you may be ramming her cervix, which is why deep penetration is often more harmful than hot,” says Sara Gottfried, M.

Related: 20 Women Reveal What They Secretly Want In Bed How to fix it: To prevent the bump and grind from getting painful, keep your thrusts short and shallow, rather than deep and fast.According to our survey, a majority of women feel more self-conscious when they’re on top. Gottfried says women often worry about what their stomachs or breasts look like from where you’re laying.And even though you think she looks like a rock star, even the tiniest shred of doubt can put out her fire.They should simply enjoy every moment."Would you suggest using a lubricant for women post-menopause?Susan explained: "Often a woman's ability to lubricate drops naturally at the menopause, particularly if she is not using hormonal supplements."If she is feeling dry, then lube is a wonderful idea.

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