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I was the first woman he knew who used tampons, as opposed to pads. Now, if he is looking for sex and I have my period I say I'm mousy tail." (July 2007) "I live in South Louisiana (Baton Rouge), and some people down here call a woman's period 'Mr. ) down here suffer from more severe PMS than anywhere else, since I've only heard it here." (March 2002) "I didn't see 'Mr. I first heard that on the Moby and Matthews radio show in Houston in the eighties." The contributor entitled the e-mail "I can't believe I just spent 10 minutes reading this, but . I say, 'My Aunt Flo from Red River is visiting.' And if it's a particularly heavy or uncomfortable flow, I add, ' "My friends and I use this one all the time when referring to our periods.A lot of women call their period their aunt, but we decided to call our period Big red for obvious reasons.My kitty ran away.' This was so confusing to anyone who overheard, which made it so much fun!" (October 2001) "A friend and I have used the phrase 'my ovaries are shedding' ever since we found that it could render most people into fits of giggles or desgusted gasps, depending on their views of menstruation."] (January 2001) "I tend to tell people matter-of-factly, 'My uterus is bleeding.' It's a great way to create awkward silences.By the way, I'm 16 years old and live in New Jersey and my uterus is bleeding right now and I hate hate HATE it." (October 2003) I have two contributions for words and expressions used for menstruation: the first one is 'Nixon,' which was what some girls called it in junior high school - and yes, that was way back when Nixon was president, right around the time he got in trouble and had to resign.

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' The first day I got my period I woke up and my pillow was covered in blood and I thought to myself 'this is gonna be a very eventful day' so that afternoon I got it and I called my mom and told her about it and she said 'your nose and your vagina bled on the same day' (I cried because I didn't think having my first menstrual was funny) and later I realized that I never wanted my brothers to know I had a period ever!

The second word is 'Rdme,' pronounced 'ar-dee-mee' - this is a word my best friend and I made up.

I don't remember that we were consciously aware of the allusion to 'red-me'; we just wanted a secret word that only the two of us understood.

If it matters, I am 19 years old, Caucasian, female, pagan, and living in Maryland.

Also, for more information on modern washable pads, padded period underwear, menstrual sponges, and menstrual cups, visit the lunapads website (I noticed you did not include their products in your washable pads section [it's on the links page], and they are my favourite): (July 2005) the contributor writes, "My friends and I in high school always used to say [this phrase].

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