Charles dianna dating history

Married 1982 art conservator Peter Zevenbergen; two sons. Beautiful, feisty and devoted to Charles throughout her life, she was always subject to major health problems and died of septicaemia, aged 49. 10/7/1953 A particular fancy of the Prince of Wales but had no chance of becoming his princess as she is Roman Catholic.The daughter of a US Rear Admiral, she met the heir to the throne in San Diego, California, when Charles was serving aboard HMS Jupiter. 2/1/1948 Daughter of Lord Rupert Nevill, erstwhile private secretary to Prince Philip; sister of the 6th Marquess of Abergavenny.Never stood a chance of becoming Princess of Wales but Charles was strangely moved by her. 15/8/1951 Granddaughter of 1st Lord Mc Gowan and cousin of Samantha Cameron; sister-in-law of the Duchess of Beaufort.Married to actor Simon Mac Corkindale from 1984 to his death from cancer in 2010; no children. Arguably the best-looking of all Charlie’s Angels but whatever her marital ambitions, they were scuppered by the entirely innocent revelation from an ex-boyfriend, old Harrovian James Beard, that they had once shared a cottage, and therefore she had 'previous’ – unforgivable in a potential Princess of Wales in those days. 6/7/1951 Considered by many to be the prime candidate for marriage to the Prince, with her dazzling good looks and impeccable pedigree, she enjoyed a relationship with Charles in 1973-4.Between the summer of 1968 when he was a second-year student at Trinity College, Cambridge, and July 1980 when he first started dating Lady Diana Spencer, Prince Charles went in search of love. By 1970 he’d already met the woman who was meant to be the love of his life, later to become his second wife.But the dynastic ambitions of others, and the fact she had a colourful past, ruled out any serious consideration of the then Camilla Shand as a future Princess of Wales.

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In adulthood a formidable actress - star of a wide variety of films including Sam Peckinpah’s 'Straw Dogs’, with its infamous rape scene - then producer, and Arabian horse breeder.

Almost all the girls he dated, and tried to convince himself he loved, were sprigs of aristocracy – though there were the occasional flirtations - including, famously, Sheila Ferguson of the Three Degrees.

Those names, and there are several, are never added to the official tally.

The couple holidayed on Eleutherea together, but Amanda’s heart wasn’t in it and wisely she turned him down.

Curiously he had raised as early as 1974 the prospect of marriage to Amanda with her mother, now Countess Mountbatten, without having discussed it with the girl in question, who was then only 17.

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