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"The most formidable years of my life grads: stars James Marsters (Spike), Nicholas Brendon (Xander), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia), Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn), Anthony Head (Giles), Emma Caulfield (Anya), Danny Strong (Jonathan), Amber Benson (Tara), Kristine Sutherland (Joyce) and Eliza Dushku (Faith) as well as exec producer Gail Berman and writer-directors David Greenwalt and David Fury. Berman: I don't think anybody knew what this would turn into. Sometimes you just had to put two horns on a guy's head and say, "He's the monster!

Below, the stars and writers open up about the lessons they learned from the series, why it is still so beloved, how it altered the television landscape and crazy fan interactions and why there shouldn't be a reboot. " Fury: We very much felt like we were kids making our show.

I suspected it to be true because I was a had that. We watched the show together, we would come in on our days off to just be with each other because we were all going through this same thing at the same time and experiencing the success of the show at a very young age. Nicki had a rocking chair and would always have his door open.

Trachtenberg: I was a huge fan of the show before I was on it.

On Tuesday morning (July 17, 2018) the American Sun-Times reported Charisma Carpenter and boyfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.I would always tell my agents and managers, "I'll do whatever!I'll be an extra, I'll do a walk-on role." Then I got an audition with Joss and [executive producer] Marti [Noxon] and I went in and bought this really cool T-shirt that I thought Willow would like because I was legitimately such a fan." As teens, Zoe and Luke nearly had their first kiss at Camp Pine Lake, but now that they are adults, Zoe (Mia Kirshner) is tasked with getting the new owner of the camp to sell the land, not knowing that it belongs to her old crush, Luke (Barry Watson)." Harold (Eric Mabius) never got over being the nerdy kid, so now that he's a successful accountant he hires Annie (Brooke D'Orsay) -- the most popular girl at his school and his teenage crush -- to be his dating coach, which helps spark his confidence and his old flame for her." Sarah (Emmanuelle Vaugier), a frustrated, freshly single artist, is recruited by her mother (Shelley Long) to help preserve her small town's historic church with the assistance of a handsome local lawyer." Ned (Curt Doussett) still hasn't gotten over losing his wife - in fact, he still talks to her for advice - but when his daughter Liz (Brittany Peltier) comes home from college with a new boyfriend, he has to re-examine how he thinks about love." Harrison (Dean Winters) is a frustrated writer who gets asked by his ex to watch her 6-year-old daughter Jenny, and she decides to play cupid and help him win over the beautiful woman (Yasmine Bleeth) from his favorite coffee place." 15-year-old Headly (Matreya Fedor) and her widowed mom Rene (Lea Thompson) are total BFFs, so Headly decides it's time for her mom to get back out into the dating pool and conspires with her pal to find Rene a new man." Nick (Billy Baldwin) and Julia (Stefanie von Pfetten) start chatting anonymously online, and when they meet up, they realize they've been talking to their ex-spouse the whole time, so they try setting each other up with friends, but then they find their old spark hasn't gone out yet." After their father dies in an accident, grown sisters Sara (Scottie Thompson) and Lily (Madeline Zima) return home to help their mother Vivian (Jane Seymour) make funeral arrangements and consider where the future will take them." Movie stars Marion Bennett (Katharine Hepburn) and Michael Reyman (Anthony Quinn) had a whirlwind romance back in the day, and now her young assistant (Jason Bateman) and his literary agent (Jami Gertz) team up to bring them back together." Sebastian (Lamman Rucker) and Ryan (Denise Boutte) are a married couple who host a TV show where they help those with relationship trouble, but off-screen their own union is on the rocks, and when the secret gets out they have to decide if they can take their own advice." Jillian (Julie Gonzalo) is a marriage therapist with a popular self-help book, but her own marriage to Justin (Jonathan Chase) is in trouble, so while he's away on a trip, Jillian's friend encourages her to take in a foster puppy, which gives her a new perspective on life and love." Jack (Ryan Scott) has a chance meeting with the beautiful Maria (Jeannette Sousa), but then things get in the way of their relationship, like her disapproving father and the psychic who says their love is doomed." Advice columnist Parker (Keshia Knight Pulliam) thinks her best friend Aaron has gotten engaged to a woman who is wrong for him, so she anonymously writes a letter to her own column to try to set him straight, and opening herself up to new feelings in the process." Zoe Walker (Anna Hutchison) is sent by her company down to Colombia to find the next big thing in coffee, so she ventures to a small village where Diego (Nikolás Rincón) is growing the finest beans in the world, but he says he won't sell out even as the attraction between them starts to percolate." Rob (Dougray Scott), a widowed chef, takes some advice from his pal Gordon Ramsey to ditch London and set up a new restaurant in a small village, where he runs into a beautiful and opinionated American food critic (Claire Forlani)." Samantha (Kayla Ewell) dispenses relationship advice on the radio, but she doesn't have the answer to her own problem: how to get her out-of-work husband John (Ryan Merriman) to agree that it's time to start a family of their own." Sonia (Alison Sweeney) and Nick (Jonathan Scarfe) are two competing radio hosts with very different outlooks of life, so when they are forced to do a show together, their fiery chemistry on the air turns into romantic sparks when the microphones are off." Lily (Kimberly Rose-Wolter) jets back to her Hawaiian hometown, where her mother Miriam (Illeana Douglas) runs a wedding planning business with her two other daughters, and the youngest is secretly dating Lily's ex-boyfriend Kai (Sung Kang)." During the holidays at a ski resort in Utah run by a Native American tribe, the overworked manager and a widowed woman from the big city overcome mistaken identities and intrusive guests in their pursuit of romance." A modern take on Jane Austen where two well-to-do sisters (Ashley Williams and Marla Sokoloff) learn their family fortune has vanished, so they work together to create a new business as they both find themselves charmed by new men in their lives." Emma and Lily, teenage twin sisters, face two romantic challenges: how to handle it when they both are interested in the same guy, and how to bring their feuding parents (Lauren Holly and Brian Krause) back together again." Isabelle (Shona Kay), a spoiled socialite, gets lost in the mountains of Switzerland and takes shelter in a cabin where she encounters a reclusive American (Brad Johnson) who might be able to tame her beastly heart." As she prepares for her wedding, Jenna (Daniela Bobadilla) tells her adopted mother Debra (Gail O'Grady) she'd like to finally meet her birth mother, Haley (Betsy Brandt), but the two moms clash over the best approach to their daughter's big day." Julia (Danneel Ackles), a fitness instructor struggling with her new business, volunteers to be a nanny for single dad Scott (Kavan Smith), despite the fact that she's never taken care of any kids before." Dan (William Baldwin) is a firefighter and single dad who has given up on finding love, but when he answers an emergency call at a flower shop owned by the beautiful Kate (Natalie Brown), a new spark might just grow into a flame in time for Valentine's Day." Jennie (Candace Cameron Bure) is a professional matchmaker who makes a living by helping people find love, but when the spark goes out of her marriage to Ian (Ty Olsson), she convinces him to go on a "blind date" with each other to restart their romance." Percy (Simon Kassianides) is a real-life prince set for an arranged marriage until he loses his memory and ends up as the nanny for a fairytale-obsessed girl (Kiernan Shipka) while falling for her mother, Gwen (Kellie Martin)." Retired Col.

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