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Very well said Idollier, My point, at least, was that it wasn't limited to Nigerian men.As a matter of fact, there are women who are involved in this too, but I digress.Born of Volcanic origin, the Island of Saint Lucia offers a burst of natural splendour with every turn.She whispers a constellation of emotions spicing up each day with mysterious flavours and will colour your mind with a pallet full of soul.I could likewise say that since, when I turn on the TV in the US, most of the news involves one american (mostly black) killing someone, that every american person walks around with a gun with the intent to kill If you should encounter such pple again, send them my way. I basically soak them, wash them, bleach them, dry them and iron them.

I find this hard to believe since I am an American woman that marrried a Nigerian man. if you all like you can disagree with what the lady is saying.All men are hard to please if there is a lack of understanding. but truth be told, most nigerian men get involved with American women because they want citizenship.not just nigerian men but foreign men that migrate to the united states they get what they want(papers, legal documents), the next thing is for them to ditch their partners.With culinary offerings as diverse as the natural landscape.Full of unique eats and specialty dishes that showcase its rich heritage.

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