Carbon dating tree

When bare of leaves, the spreading branches of the Baobab look like roots sticking up into the air, rather as if it had been planted upside-down.

Baobabs are very difficult to kill, they can be burnt, or stripped of their bark, and they will just form new bark and carry on growing.

Adansonia digitata All Baobabs are deciduous trees ranging in height from 5 to 20 meters.

On still nights the natives claim to hear a continuous hissing sound from the old tree.

In the Kafue National Park in Zambia, one of the largest Baobabs is known as 'Kondanamwali' - the tree that eats maidens.

Some native beliefs have proven to have a scientific basis.

Natives believe that women living in kraals where baobabs are plentiful have more children than those living outside baobab zones.

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