Can college students dating professors

That species of desire makes ideas feel more vitally connected to our bodily lives and tells us that passions can be spurred by qualities deeper than six-pack abs.Whether students or their teachers should ever act on such desires, however, has never been an untroubled question.Two students then made Title IX complaints against Kipnis, arguing that her essay (and a tweet) constituted “retaliation” against the students who filed the original charges.As a result, Kipnis herself became the subject of a disturbingly opaque investigation, although she was soon cleared.To do so raises the possibility of both favoritism and exploitation.If we think of the university as a purely professional realm, where services are exchanged for a fee among rational economic actors, then sexual relationships seem clearly out of bounds, as they are in most workplaces, especially between supervisors and subordinates.Her essay was met with outrage by some students, two of whom filed a Title IX suit against her, claiming Kipnis was retaliating against students at her school who had filed a complaint against a professor.They also said she created a "chilling effect" on students' ability to report sexual misconduct.

Students sometimes nurse crushes on their teachers, and teachers sometimes lust after their pupils; these are facts of life so commonplace as to have become the ultimate cliché: a porn motif.His class set off a series of firecrackers in my understanding of books, ideas whose impact I can still recollect vividly.Perhaps it’s possible to separate the thrill of encountering a fascinating mind from the fizz of libido, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to.Like many vaguely parental relationships, the pedagogic one can have a strong and unsettling erotic undertow.My fellow students and I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at our prof if we’d met him at the bus stop or waiting in line at the campus café; he was at least 35—maybe even 40!

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