Campung malayu girl

“My favourite thing was the flag game with the other kids,” said Armando, one of the boys who took part in the camp in 2017.

“They were happy to run, play football, play games in the forest, make fires and cook by themselves,” Joubert said.

The first Scout camp was held last year with the support of Scoutisme en Quartiers, which works to improve diversity and foster inclusion in French Scouting.

Benjamin Joubert, 22, one of the Rovers, says the small number of participants and the opportunity to spend an extended period of time with the children helped them establish a deeper rapport with the group, one of whom had been forced to move three times, and never had the chance to go to school. “And we paid attention to each of them.” Built in the grounds of a 17th century castle, Jambville covers 30 hectares of forest and open fields, and provides numerous sites for campers.

The children also visited the beehive, taking away their own pot of honey, and explored the vegetable garden, tasting zucchini flowers and other produce.

They also got to live side-by-side with other Scouts, joining in with the games organised by a group of Cubs on a neighbouring site, and making new friends.

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