Busy exchange 2016 not updating

It does give you some background as to how Office 365 does Federation, though some steps have changed. As organizations move to make use of cloud based services, like Exchange Online or Outlook Live, it’s pretty important to be able to integrate both the on-premises service and the cloud service so that end-users can continue to work as normal.That’s especially important with a service like Outlook Live, aimed at Education institutions, where typically staff, faculty and some students will continue to be hosted on-premise and the majority of students will be hosted in the cloud.Once that’s all setup and available, you should be ready to go..To keep things simple, we’re not going to do anything too complicated, we’re going to set things up so all users in both on-premises and Outlook Live can see each other’s free/busy and share calendars (and contacts).

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To get this up and running in Exchange 2010 SP1 is actually now pretty simple.

Although SP1 allows self-signed certificates for Federation, you cannot use these with Outlook Live federation, and you’ll need to perform an extra step. First things first, we need a few things in-place and working already before we can get going.

The main pre-req is Autodiscover, but I won’t cover how to set this up, as it’s is covered in detail elsewhere on the good old ‘net..

Step Two– Setup the On-Premise Organization Relationship The next step is to allow our Outlook Live domain to see our On-premise Free/Busy info.

You can do this via Powershell or the Exchange Management Console: Via Powershell: Test that you can get the federation info for your Outlook Live domain.

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