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Despite the giving users more control over their data, there's still a catch.

() Marks Zuckerberg has admitted Facebook failed to protect user data and prevent manipulation of its platform.

Some 87 million users had their personal information harvested for political purposes by Cambridge Analytica.

() Social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg ranks among the most powerful men in the world.

The dating service was not the only innovation to be announced Tuesday at the California conference.

Facebook also said they would also introduce a feature that will allow users to see and delete their Facebook browsing history, as well as an instant language translation service for its Messenger app.

Facebook's CEO, in suit and tie, fielded hours of questions from US senators.

It was assumed that the Ahdname was issued in AD 1463 by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II to the Catholic monks and that the Mantel had belonged to Fra Anđeo Zvizdović, who received the Ahdname.

The Fojnica Armorial is an important source of the classical heraldry of the Balkans Peninsula, with various estimates of the age.

The company is accused of having allowed a massive breach of the personal data of millions of users.

However, the company seems to have weathered the critical firestorm in the short-term.

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