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In the following I installed boost 1.33.1 from source in my home directory (I used the prefix "~/boost-1.33.1".).

The configure script reads a number of enviroment variables.

For the linking to work, one has to adjust CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS before running configure.

A common problem can be that the boost.thread library uses pthreads, but its not detected by the configure script.

Other: When there are updates in BTG you can run svn update in ~/btg-devel/trunk again to download the latest source code, and then you run the autogen-stuff, configure as before and finaly make (you might want to run make clean before this to make sure no conflicts arises).

To stop the daemon just issue If you activated sessionsaving all sessions & torrents will be saved when a SIGINT (ctrl-c if you run in foreground) or SIGTERM (default kill signal) is received.

In the following, CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS will be used to tell the script where to find the boost headers and libraries. It asks the user a number of questions and produces the daemon and client files based on the answers.

The final step of the script is to write the configuration files.

The configure script may need some help when boost was installed from source.

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They will be written in the directory in which btg-config was executed.

btg-config will not create a passwd file, only add an entry to the configuration file about where to find it.

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