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My husband and I where suppose to work on things while this woman decided she needed to get between the sheets with my husband…. not sleeping, not eating, and neglecting my girls which he’s not calling!a week after we make plans she tells him to make something up and leave me… I drive back this time with my oldest she stated I want to see my daddy!This 24 year old Shelbi Lofton had an affair with my husband.It started off emotional then when I found out and kicked him out he moved into her roach motel.They have opened a small restaurant in my tiny town so it is a constant reminder of how he left us in foreclosure, in debt and not paying child support.I am his second wife and he also has a child he never met that gets child support.then dragging them in gravel with no shoes over an apology… We talk, he just says he needs time to think, he loves me, blah blah! My gears changed quick, I followed him to walmart and waited for over an hour, and nothing so I think, ok he’s getting a hair cut… Her face was priceless she quickly moved away and he just knew he was screwed!!

That there ladies is what is wrong with this generation…This tramp Julia Suarez is a mother of two daughters and a son….Well how well is she teaching her kids when they are the ones that will have to live with the gossip of their mother sleeping with married men…They preceded to have a relationship, keeping it secret every week he went to work leaving his 5 kids and wife at home as she knew about us.She is pregnant with his child and then had her sister message me on fb to tell me about it. & she cheated on her husband to hook up with my bf!

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