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One designer has shown a prototype helmet made of folding paper, but so far it is only an interesting concept and can't meet standards without a new material.

Folding helmets: more folding designs are coming to market this year, spurred in part by shared bicycle programs. They include the Overage Plixi, Biologic Pango, Carrera Foldable, Closca and Morpher.

They include the Airius, Babali, Coros, Eventy, Koros, Lazer, Lifebeam, Livall, Lumos, O'Neal, POC, Sena, Uvex and Video Head.

WARNING: you should know that NIH released a study in February, 2018 that showed cancer tumors forming around the hearts of rats exposed to high levels of radio-frequency radiation.

The compact profile that we think is best when you crash is now a well-established fashion trend.

They did not attempt to test low-level impact performance.

And there are several little-heeded advocacy groups seeking to raise our consciousness about "electro-smog." There are more options for those who want a heavier, more protective road helmet.

At least three new models with removable chinbars meet the ASTM F1952 downhill standard: the Giro Switchblade, Bell Super DH and the Lazer Revolution FF.

We have some reservations about their testing, but we support the concept of trying to rank helmets for low-level impact performance, and this is the first system to do that.

We note their rankngs for individual models below, and you can check out our page on their methodology for more background and a link to their rankings.

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