Belltown billiards speed dating

" I said: "I want nothing from you", just wanted to tell him how rude he is and that we didn't appreciate his treatment at all. Please email [email protected] your show day and time preference. I really feel like the bathroom attendants are unncessary, I personally like to pee in peace, but they do give you a feeling of class.

He just turned around and marched away, while this security guy grabbed my arm and started dragging me away, by telling me that I "should just have fun and go away! I understand that there is a lot tension and drunks out there and they need to deal with all that, but it doesn't mean that the rest of civilized and well mannered folks are supposed to pay for other people's behavior by being degraded like this and humiliated. I also really like the ice bar makes me feel like I am in vegas. – I have yet to shoot pool at the Parlor but I have been to two comedy shows in the past few weeks. – Top Notch, one stop entertainment place as far as Bellevue goes!

She kept repeating that if I didn't sign the receipt my husband was going to jail. Like I said we spend quite a bit of money there regularly and even last night we spent over 200 on drinks alone but they refused to have even one iota of customer service skill with the situation.

So we paid the bill but we will not be spending money there anymore.

All that fiasco and "security" show was such a ridiculous waist of everyone's time and money.

I would NEVER recommend my friends to go to this place.

Our company had a really great time- we were in one of the private rooms with a buffet style dinner. There was even a Wii set up -great party addition I must say. Not only was it super funny, but my service was outstanding. Of course you are going to get kicked out if you're acting like all out of control and can't control your liquor.

Some great names for comedy come through there, so that is another good reason to go. I am a nurse, who is exhausted and was looking forward to laugh for New Years with her close friends.

If you like pool, there are plenty of tables with little or no wait time. I think the best nights are Monday and Wednesdays, quieter and more tables open, but if you want to go people watch, then by all means, Friday and Saturday. Sometimes it would be nice to be treated nicely as well, especially for something we were looking forward to and paid good money for. Then, we were separated from our friends and seated in different spots. We had VIP great seats and were willing to give them away to the people our friends were sitting with now (only 2 tables away! Those folks got really excited and didn't mind to take our seats and switch over. " We were all in such shock and ACTUALLY apologized by saying that we are actually giving out BETTER seats to these people and we even switched out tickets, but he started shoving us and made us trade the tix back, and was very violent.

Best Comedy Club on the Eastside – Friends brought me to a comedy show and we stayed after to play pool.

The food was better than I expected, the staff is super friendly and the general crowd that hangs out there is laid back and having fun.

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