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Each ticket is a few Euros but remember to stamp the ticket on the platform before boarding as inspectors are common.

How to get there: The closest city to Cinque Terre is La Spezia.

In each of the towns you will find colourful terraces, steep winding streets, fresh produce and wine, sweet elderly men whistling, dozens of fishing boats, mountains covered in vineyards and some of the best sunsets you’ve ever seen over the sea.

I suggest at least 3-5 days to lose yourself in each town.

My own Italian “Eat” chapter of “Eat, Pray, Love” perhaps…. Coming back four years later was just as beautiful as the first.

In 2011 the Cinque Terre was struck by heavy storms, landslides and flooding that killed 13 people and almost destroyed the towns of Monterosso and Vernazza.

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