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In the sequel, which I believe was a box office smash, Bernie is brought back to life using a voodoo spell where he performs a strange tribal dance with his chest puffed out. I want you to pretend she’s dead and that only you have the shaman power to make her undead. Some silence on your part is okay, but too much silence and she may reanimate and walk away into the arms of another guy. Well you’re going to bring the Ukrainian Bernie back to life by touching her a lot.

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If she accepts both of your offers within the first 30 minutes or so, you’re doing great. This is because you want to establish a sexual frame to make it clear that friendship is not on the table.

You don’t want to realize on the first date that you’re in the friend zone when you hoped to be in the fuck zone.

On a beach resort they ended up making Bernie look like the life of the party.

While dead, Bernie makes many friends and even hooks up with a pretty girl. She will give short responses that do not at all help you continue the conversation. It will seem like she has passed into the netherworld, but as long as her body is still there (i.e., she doesn’t walk away), you’re doing fine and should talk about anything that comes to your mind. Do you remember the scene in where Trinity brought Neo back to life by declaring her love for him?

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