Aspies and dating

(chances are he's playing computer games, trying to stay comfortably numb ). I guess that I should hasten to add that knowing my condition and the (lack of) progress that I've made in being able to interact at a level that most NT's would find "acceptable", I've resigned to never enter another relationship.

because of their strong understanding and often average to very high intellect they can be very hard to beat at games too.

It is fair for you though, to ask him to help you understand what he wants you to do during those times.

Making sure of course that you're being fair to yourself and that you can accept that in YOUR relationships regardless of the AS factor.

I reckon you have some work to do by yourself somewhere. I came back to this as I was a bit worried I said the wrong thing. Anyway, you said: " I've talked to my guy about this and he avoids the topic, I'm not sure if this is because he's guilty or maybe not understanding the way I'm bringing it up." I think you may be looking at this too rigidly. I think it might help if you stop thinking about how things SHOULD be and focus on how they are and the implications of that. Dawn Wow, A lot of good stuff has already been said, stuff worth thinking about.

There is a third option: maybe he just DOESN" T WANT to talk about it. I'll add that I abhor the idea of "cheating". However, there are a lot of ppl that would argue that as long as you're not engaged, "all's fair in love..." so seeing other ppl, in their opinion is totally fair.

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