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This study was designed to investigate the association between childhood maltreatment and adulthood domestic and sexual violence victimization among people with severe mental illness, and to explore this association in terms of gender differences and potential mediators.Results demonstrated that men and women with SMI who reported experiences of childhood maltreatment were two to five times more likely to report domestic and sexual violence victimization in adulthood, and people with severe mental illness have high prevalence of experiences of childhood maltreatment and adulthood domestic and sexual violence victimization.Research has shown that higher perceptions of procedural fairness lead to better acceptance of court decisions, a more positive view of individual courts and the justice system, and greater compliance with court orders.

This Toolkit provides practical tools and resources to assist law enforcement agencies in building or enhancing effective operational responses to children exposed to violence (with or without a mental health partner).

This overview is designed for Florida's judges to help enhance access to justice by fostering more culturally responsive courts.

It includes questions to ask, places to start, next steps, and resources.

Is a video that focuses on the needs of parties considering a petition for protection.

It is hoped that the video will assist petitioners and respondents in understanding Florida’s four orders of protection and the requirements for filing a petition.

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