Asp conenction error when the database is updating

We'll see how to use these Data Source controls to modify database data in a future installment.

This is a known issue with My SQL Connector/ODBC which is not correctly parsing the "Outer Join Escape Sequence", as per the specs at Microsoft ODBC Specs.

This article is one in a series of articles on ASP. NET 1.x, you'd need to write code to: While only five to ten lines of code is needed to perform these four steps, and libraries like the Data Access Application Block help reduce the volume of code that you need to write, the fact remains that in order to access or modify data in an ASP. In this article we'll be examining how to access data from databases with the Sql Data Source and Access Data Source controls.

The Data Source controls are a collection of Web controls designed to provide a declarative approach to accessing and modifying data.

Is it possible to disable data-at-execution using a flag?

If you do not want to use data-at-execution, remove the corresponding calls.

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