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His table manners aren’t awesome, but I can work with that. And I do actually want to kiss him, which is an improvement from the other dozen dates I’ve been on recently.

I am so happy to introduce our newest blogger into the e Harmony mix! p.m.: What’s the cheapest thing on the menu that’s not a salad? p.m.: Oh okay, he’s just super talkative and asking questions. Or when a guy says he’s not looking for a relationship, he’s not, no matter how easygoing, beautiful, sexy or sassy you might be.And that there are more than enough men who are willing to wine and dine you, but not too many that actually want to talk to you and listen. So tiring in fact, that last year, I decided I’d stop focusing on the men and I’d start putting the attention on myself. You would think so, but self-love is something I’ve been thinking about, writing about, talking about and figuring out for a long time.

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