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If you suspect you have identified an impostor account, you should confirm the account is not registered on the U. Soldiers, especially leaders, are prime targets for identity thieves who will use images posted online to create the fake accounts.

It is good practice to search sites regularly for impostors.

Are you a US Military single, or someone interested in a relationship with a member of our armed forces?

The military life is not for everyone, and many of the heroic military men and women who serve our country find it difficult to date.

Army protecting the citizens of our great country, u.s. Our mobile Army singles site is the premier place for Army singles and their admirers to meet for dates, relationships, and much more.

Get the special advantage of utilizing our state of the art dating features, communication tools, and search functions to view and connect with our database of millions of Army singles dating profiles.

CID's Computer Crime Investigative Unit also cautions Soldiers themselves to be on the guard for "sextortion scams." In these scams, criminals engage in online sexual activity with unsuspecting Service members and then demand money or favors in exchange for not publicizing potentially embarrassing images, video or information.

Our mobile friendly Military dating and singles site is the premier place for Military serviceman and women and their admirers to meet for dates, relationships, and much more.Impostor accounts are violations of terms of use agreements.Most social media platforms have a reporting system that allows users to report an individual who is pretending to be someone else. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) receives hundreds of reports a month from individuals who have fallen victim to a scam perpetrated by a person impersonating a U. Victims of these scams can lose tens of thousands of dollars and face a slim likelihood of recovering any of it. To perpetrate this scam, the scammers take on the online persona of a current or former U. Soldier, and then, using photographs of a Soldier from the internet, build a false identity to begin prowling the web for victims. Victims of these “romance scams” report they became involved in an online relationship with someone they believed to be a U. Soldier who then began asking for money for various false service-related needs.

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