Are jennette mccurdy and nathan kress dating

In keeping with the couple’s track record, Mc Curdy took to Instagram to show her appreciation.“My bear Drummy…Thank you,” Mc Curdy wrote upon receiving the teddy bear.” Later, a Twitter follower asked Mc Curdy if she was going to mention Drummond as her “Man Crush Monday.” The actress responded by saying “mm hmm.”Drummond spent the next few weeks wooing Mc Curdy over Twitter and Instagram, sending the 21-year-old a series of gifts and flirtatious messages.

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Mc Curdy quickly took note of Drummond’s virtual flirting (thanks in part to her nearly 4 million Twitter followers), prompting the pair to follow each other on Twitter and exchange messages.nid:1402436"I wanna watch you play! The Pistons star responded by saying that he’d “let [Mc Curdy] know when I play in LA!Still, the 21-year-old’s social media followers were quick to suggest that the flowers had been a gift from Drummond. Yes that's very true no special things going on with them. She was born in Long Beach, California to Debra and Mark Mc Curdy. They began dating after weeks of flirting on Instagram and Twitter. 35 – 26 – 35 (US) 89 – 66 – 91.5 (EU) Her shoe size is – 7.5 She confirmed it on Twitter. Her salary in NBA player, Andre Drummond, and Jennette dated in 2013.


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