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"She has a great combination of intelligence, wit, and strength but also this mischievous quality," says Gossip Girl executive producer and writer Stephanie Savage.

"Leighton's very matter-of-fact and up front about things, and unlike Blair, she's nonjudgmental."The show has a fan base that's truly, well, obsessed — perfect for all that rumormongering.

What follows is a silence so awkward, we actually start to sweat — until he bursts out laughing. She's so good at it because she has fun with it." Boy, the Gossip Girl cast are quite the kidders.

Leighton fully understands why viewers have become fixated on the love affair between Blair and Chuck. Chuck knows about her deep, dark side, and he finds it hot," she says, spearing a bite of creamy rigatoni and peas.

while serving lunch to kids at a Feeding America event in Los Angeles.

The two have kept their own relationship out of the spotlight since they began dating and married in 2014.

But that's not to say she's always a homebody — cast members often go out together, and Leighton's been written up in New York gossip columns for "downing tequila shots" and making out with abandon at nightclubs.

"The evil side of Blair is somewhere in me," she muses, "but acting her out is like therapy.

"I watched a lot of TV, and it clicked one day that these people were acting," she says.

The fact that Leighton isn't concerned with saying or doing anything phony to make sure we like her only makes us like her all the more.

"If you're just yourself, you'll never lose," she says, shrugging and warming her hands around a mug of chamomile tea. That's when you feel the most comfortable, that's when you have the most success, and that's when you're the most happy." THE IN CROWDLeighton's childhood didn't start off comfortable or happy.

In their first-ever joint interview, the couple pretended that they do, too.

Then Brody had to go and ruin our fantasies of their Seth-and-Blair role-playing by admitting that they hadn't watched each other's shows (which were both created by Josh Schwartz).

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