Archaeological dating wiki

It involves using a reference database that assists with the identification of particular construction elements and associating them with the relevant period.

If architectural elements can be dated to a definite range of years, perhaps from inscriptions or documentary evidence, then similar elements of a building may be dated to the same period.

The effects of distortion as a result of perspective are removed, and the image scaled upon one or more principal planes of the object.

Establishing timelines may not always be the main point of interest for the archaeologist, but it may be necessary to understand dates to obtain an accurate and thorough description of a building’s development, as well placing data within some kind of historical context, which can help identify explanations for the building.

Some of the methods that an archaeologist can use are set out below.

The aim of stratigraphy is to reconstruct the sequence of constructive and destructive events that have impacted upon the existing building.

The representation technique is based on the ‘stratigraphical unit’ (SU) concept, that is, a part of the building that was the result of a single action of construction.

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