Antivir pe classic not updating

I called Road Runner Nat Help Desk and was told I could request that Road Runner lift the block but that is a long, complicated process.

So, I posted the problem in another forum where there are a lot of a Vira users and one of them contacted a mod at a Vira for me and the admins activated my account last night. So I will post in this thread IF i try as yourself. The updates have been fine for me past 2 weeks I guess why antivir is not so popular in dslreports antivirus poll despite good results, their forum not the same as avast's.

I received a warning this morning when I turned on the computer regarding teh fact that Anti Vir hadn't been updated in 3 days. I just tried to update after reading your post, and there definitely is an issue for me right at this moment with connecting. I never got the activation email and it appears that Road Runner ISP is blocking their email domain.

So i hit teh update button and it sits there for roughly 5 minutes not doing anything. However, the problem is very recent (again, for me) as I have received at least one (and often more than one) update over the past several days including two this morning:1/15 am- (yet another update of the file that was previously causing to fail to restart after updates)- avreg.dll- avscan.exe- antivir3.vdf1/15 am- antivir3I've had the free version for six days now and no problems at all updating daily from Hawaii. There is no way to contact a mod or admin unless you have your account activated.

I got at least 600 ms for 32 Oct packet and most of time the destination cannot be reach.

Servers seems to be inaccessible or too slow in order to achieve update. If I ping the servers ie:, dl3..dl5..

I was not ever asked for that but there is a new post in the forums saying that it took a new member forever to figure out what letters to type. When I got to the bottom of the rules page the accept was greyed out. Truth is that a good router is what really filters out all the garbage. I had been using Avast, but I switched to Anti Vir because I read that it has better detection.

That is weird about BD and accessing your cable modem status page.

The accept button is grayed out and only the reject button is active. I won't be able to use the forum even if I do finally get registered and activated if I have to type in a hard to read security image.

I tried on IE, Fx and Opera on three computers (one being a virtual computer). Plus, did you have to put in a security image during registration? I can read the one at Castlecops but cannot at many sites and have to not use the forums at those sites.a Vira is a great AV and so far I have had absolutely no problems with it (except way too many FP's which Stefan told me to submit so he can fix them). I'm beginning to think that I'm not going to be able to use a Vira and I sure wouldn't buy it if I can't post in their forums for whatever reason. I just registered and had the same problem at first. It's the one I've been using since I bought this machine (except one time I used Anti Vir for a trial and didn't like the nag screen plus I had issues with it and Sandboxie), and so far so good.

If I can't then as much as I am impressed with a Vira... I have already spent a lot of time wrestling with their stupid forum software that is obviously all messed up. I was not running No Script (Allowing all) since i was running firefox inside Sandboxie.

I'll give it until tomorrow morning to get the email but that sort of auto email generally comes almost instantly so I hold little hope that I will get it. There was 'Antworten' button at the bottom to accept, so it sure is not so easy for anyone with no language knowledge. It worked, i got my post in there:»

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