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They've been together for three years now, with Shayk giving birth to their daughter, Lea de Seine, in 2017.Cooper looks absolutely smitten with his two special ladies, and is taking to the father role like a natural (even if he isn't too keen on discussing it in interviews).Since then, they've had three children: a daughter in 2012 and twin sons in 2014.That doesn't mean that the couple hasn't had a rough patch.According to , a source told the publication that Jost is "telling friends he wants to marry her.He loves to take her out and show her off." Well, it looks like it there might be much truth to this rumor, as Johansson was spotted showing off a giant rock on her hand.

Despite it turning 10 years old this year, it shows no sign of slowing down or fading away with the next phase already planned out.

Speaking to in 2011, he said, "I don't think I'm going to sell a lot of tabloids. My parents were married my whole life until my father passed away a few years ago." It's evident that family is important to Rudd, and he has a good example to follow in his parents' relationship.

yet, but we've been promised that we'll recognize him instantly. I am just the TV actor who pays the bills." Dinklage added that she's brilliant and a total lover of theater.

Chatting about Jiménez to , Diesel said, "I'm speechless. That said, he settled down in 2015 by marrying dancer Sarah Jade.

Bautista beamed as he posted photos of their wedding on Twitter and Instagram.

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