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Call and speak with one of our Educational Consultants and receive professional assistance in locating the perfect solution 866-439-8112.Troubled Teen is Family Advocate site supporting parents searching for troubled teen boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, Christian schools, wilderness therapy programs, transitional living programs, independent living programs, and various therapeutic programs for troubled boys, troubled girls, and struggling young adults.It allows you to gather comments from other users, take screenshots of the comments, and share them on Snapchat.It also allows you to send anonymous and totally unmoderated comments to any other user, whether you know them or not.You have come to the right place if you are searching for: boarding schools for troubled teens, therapeutic boarding schools, Christian schools, substance abuse treatment centers, wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment centers, transitional independent living programs, or other therapeutic programs for troubled boys & girls or young adults.We also list educational consultants, local therapists, Christian counseling centers, adolescent counselors, or behavioral modification programs from your State.Our purpose is to help parents find the best solution for their child and family as a whole.

However, if you download the app and consent, the app will collect your full contact list which the developers can sell.

Unfortunately, there are way too many web sites available for parents to sift through, and 99% are designed for the sole purpose of taking financial advantage of desperate parents. Most parents we have worked with "discovered" that many of the "directory" and "resource" web sites for troubled teens exist to exploit and take advantage of hurting parents, especially parents of troubled girls. Troubled Teen was started by two parents of former troubled teens, and their personal experience propelled them to develop TTS.

For Immediate Help with Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens, please call 866-439-8112 now.

add Size([1050,200], 728,90],[970,250],[970,90). Parents need to know that Sarahah -- an Arabic word that means, roughly, "honesty" -- is a free social media app popular with teens that enables them to link the app to their Snapchat account (or post a link on other social media sites) and send anonymous messages to other users.


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