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The hallways are plastered with round Kik codes — scannable, QR-code-like chat invites, they remind me of old vinyl 45s (one Kik exec says they remind him of poker chips), but they are actually wormholes into chatspace.Scan here to join the staff Dungeons and Dragons game!“We’re sitting in the next room, right over there, and we’re thinking, people don’t want to build web apps, we’ve tried to make it simple for years, it’s not working,” says Livingston.

I drive past Pluto Day Care and hang a right at the Esso station, squinting to spy Kik’s sign.

In the ’90s the city birthed Research in Motion and its Blackberry platform, which briefly dominated the mobile industry. It’s where Kik Interactive, a seven-year-old startup with a mobile messaging app that’s popular among teenagers, began working on a conversational platform for bots two years ago — long before the idea became the hot tech trend of 2016 and the latest leg of Facebook’s march to world domination.

There’s a crowd of bot-platform contenders right now, including giants like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google and upstarts like Slack, Telegram, and Twilio.

Just scan the code next to your seat and message your order to the stadium bot, right from the Kik chat window where you’re already messaging with your friends.

When you’re done, it will disappear, until your next visit.

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