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Prior ventures include a now defunct live trading room and partnership with so-called Market Wizard, Linda Raschke.The most recent venture was a 0 million dollar fraud that the SEC halted, and described as an “online pyramid and Ponzi scheme.” An absolute shit-show of a human being. It’s not too often that a Forex broker contacts me, asking that I write a review about a Forex trading program. Generally speaking, Forex brokers could care less if a trading product is a scam.Her business partner and trading room moderator was a guy named, Chris Terry. But her live trading room was a financial disaster, and a lot of people were burned.

What if a master trader who’s made millions in the markets sat down with you and made live trades right in front of your eyes…would you sign up for that? A fool signs up for the ‘live trading room’ and his supposed trading education begins. The fool is recommended to open a trading account with a Forex and CFD (Contracts For Difference) broker in which Chris Terry receives a kick back on all trading volume. The fool contacts his family and friends and tells them about these amazing trading signals. Truth be told, I didn’t even want to write this review. At some point, you have to wonder–who would be foolish enough to fall for this stuff?And how they made their fortunes trading the markets. Long story short…after the book was published, Linda Raschke became the darling of the day trading educational scene.It’s been quite some time since the book was published, but it was later discovered that Jack Schwager was hustled into believing that several of his “millionaire traders” were not actually very successful at trading. In particular, there is a chapter about a lady trader named Linda Raschke. She eventually opened a day trading room, where hundreds of people paid a boatload of money to learn her supposed trading secrets.They are only concerned with trading volumes and opening new customer accounts.You will never find a Forex broker shedding a tear over the losses of a customer.

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