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Check out the top five letters as chosen by Page 2's editors, and then vote in our poll to crown the most creative response. The Russian basketball team deserved the '72 gold medal. And now, we want to identify the single person most worthy of a date with the tennis temptress.” he said when asked in an interview last year whether he plays against Kournikova.“I try to be competitive, but that’s when you realise you’re an amateur playing a pro — it’s not even close.”But the couple’s idyllic lifestyle hasn’t been without its hiccups – in 2005 a homeless man was arrested for swimming nude across Florida’s Biscayne Bay in an attempt to locate Kournikova’s home.In only one evening you would have so much fun, By the end of next year you will be the world's number one. Nothing gets a fashion model/tennis starlet more riled up than someone who seems disinterested. My endless devotion is manifested in the form of a T-shirt bearing her beautiful image on the back.

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If I can keep working hard and doing what I'm doing, the sky is the limit for me." Steve dreams of sporting the Doug Christie jersey someday as he currently totes the A. In the face of my Arabic last name, I'm actually quite passive.

Alexander Popov is better than Mark Spitz on his best day. My hobbies include gambling, strip clubs, and watching Sports Center. In my eight years of driving, I have been pulled over at least 15 times and ticketed nine times. I subscribe to Maxim, Playboy, and ESPN The Magazine, and take every word in them as gospel. As I went to sleep, that night in my bed, I had visions of Anna and I dancing 'round in my head.

My least favorite movie of all-time is "Ruskies" for its deplorable exploitation of the prevailing '80s American sentiment towards Russia. Thomas Gallagher New York In a time of giving and holiday cheer, I am making what truly might be the ultimate personal sacrifice. I pictured Anna in her kerchief and I in my cap, That's all she was wearing as she sat on my lap.

I know I've said that about the last dozen or so dates I picked up on the Internet, but I really feel a special kinship with Ms. I can't describe it, but it's intense and it's real and sometimes when I look at her pictures I get a feeling like God is slapping me in the back of my head and screaming "Well, what are you waiting for? Who would have guessed that the girl who dates hockey stars Could very well end up dancing at strip bars? the date gives her a great chance to win her first tournament, The Capital One Make Out with Dave Open. I earnestly feel that I deserve this more than any man on earth. Brett Welaj Irving, Texas The Year in Sex & Sports 2002 Immerman: 2003 -- An Anna Odyssey Page 2 Quiz: Anna or not Anna? Anna Kournikova Anna's day in pictures Page 2: Top 10 reasons Anna blew her top Mc Kendry: In defense of Anna Shanoff: 'Unforced Error,' the musical Sportoon: Flushed out of Flushing Let the skirts fly: Anna vs. Caple: Anna's wicked web Bakay's Tale of the Tape: Anna vs.

Just when you think that your career is about drowned, One date with me could turn it all around. In this situation, you have to revert to reverse-psychology tactics. I truly surpass the common yet vague moniker of "Anna fan." While many might be content to merely look at pictures of Anna, I wear one. No Anna What should Kournikova's character be named?

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