Ang bugtong dating doon

To go from local milk co-op to global industry giant is a bold idea.Fonterra redefined New Zealand's milk industry and became one of the most efficient dairy plants in the world, optimizing EFFICIENCY with Schneider Eco Struxure™ Plant.Non commercializziamo semi su larga scala o a coltivatori commerciali.Nel caso sospettassimo un tentativo di violazione di tale termine, ci riserviamo il diritto di rifiutare l'ordine effettuato.

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Tutti i semi di Cannabis acquistati da Royal Queen Seeds sono destinati esclusivamente ad un uso personale.

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They rank with myths, fables, folktales and proverbs, most riddles are characterized by brevity, wit and felicitous phrasing, and as such effective ways of transmitting folk wisdom to succeeding generations in capsule form.”Sadly, the same literary form that has survived many generations is now being neglected by the young Filipinos who should preserve it in the first place. Is it time to embrace the new and let go of the old?

As what German Gervacio’s has proven, there’s actually a solution: create new riddles whose subjects are modern gadgets or terms that present-day Filipinos are familiar with.

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