An affair to remember dating

You start off as anonymous friends, kindle remote romance, and later might indulge in adultery.

Like the face-to-face affairs, these can be casual or spontaneous affairs, and even show serious personal involvement.

Couples have to balance two lives – they have to work and take care of their family and children.

Women are still mainly responsible for taking care of their kids, and now even work to support the family, while men are expected to be good breadwinners and ‘sensitive’ at the same time.

You might erroneously feel that you aren’t hurting anyone, as no one knows of it.

Having an affair enables the person to be more sexually adventurous – in ways they couldn’t have done with their spouse.

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All of this can lead to bad marriages, separation, or even divorce.

It could be that you don’t have any love at all in your relationship, or you feel the kind of love you get is below your expectations, or that you deserve more and better.

So, you might desperately seek it from another person outside your marriage.

Even sex with your spouse has pressure – how often, when, what kind of orgasm, satisfaction level etc.

Many couples seek an outlet for their pressures of life.

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