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"And by the end of this album I did it." Not that The Open Door, released last week (and now at the No. Evanescence's melodramatic sludge has survived the singer's emotional convalescence intact; if anything, the band's symphonic metal tunes and dark-hearted lyrics are gloomier than ever.Which is why - as any songwriter worth her catharsis will attest - Lee sounds downright chipper on the phone from New York, where she relocated last year after several years in Los Angeles.

"I've been dying to move towards a healthier place," says Lee.

is saying, and after the way the whole Tiger Woods scandal ended up, there’s reason to believe their reporting is accurate.

As Sports by Brooks informs us, the Enquirer has sources on record saying NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

He is the former navy Seal who died when he ran out of air in the caves.

Why cant people just do good things w/o people pointing out all the things they aren’t doing While we wait, let’s remember Saman Kunan.

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