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So, I imagined an absolutely alternative reality with the USA heading towards a dictatorship; funny, huh?

Only Amy, Sarah and their families, and the incoming Clexa Con, are real in this. two actresses, names are Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi.” A story prompted by what Sarah Shahi said about the Root x Shaw Love scene – “She and I both had bruises and they weren’t from the fight scenes…….bruises and bite marks, it was better than I could ever imagine.” "So what brings you here? A soft laugh escapes Amy, which is exactly what she had been hoping for."Well it's kind of a long story" she replies softly, unconsciously leaning into Sarah's warmth.

Person of Interest è finito ma Root e Shaw sono destinate a ritrovarsi, e Amy e Sarah a interpretarle, anche fosse per un'ultima volta. Jensen shares his totally awesome loft in Los Angeles with two male strippers, Chad and Jared, and spends his days high out of his mind when he's not fucking guys for money.

L'amore fra i due personaggi è reale e forte e la chimica fra le due attrici evidente, forse troppa, da mettere in discussione ogni loro certezza. Everything is perfect until his pimp hooks him up with Tom, a diplomat's son who smuggles drugs out of Colombia for fun, and Jensen finds his life turned upside down.

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Acker will play the show’s second lead character, Kate Stewart.

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This excludes any new Black Heart kits released after March of 2012.

• A One Third Scale Resin Nosferatu Bust sculpted by Jeff Yagher, originally produced by Model Giants, and Sponsored by EZ Modeler.

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