Amazon tracking not updating

When an Amazon order is marked as shipped in Brightpearl it will update Amazon with the shipment date.

If Brightpearl is used to mark an Amazon order as shipped which has already been shipped in Amazon, it will update the shipment date to that recorded in Amazon.

The browser observes user behavior across a large number of sites…Our browser is capable of detecting these aggregate user behavior patterns and detecting the next page you need, before you even know you need it.

And now, Amazon’s ability to track users’ behavior is helping it sell Kindles, because Trending webpages – identified via this same technology – are now a Kindle feature, too. That was the significant detail that caught my eye upon hearing the news.

Goods-notes created in Brightpearl for Amazon Prime orders will not be sent to Ship Station - they are sent directly from Amazon.

And shipment updates for Amazon Prime orders will not be sent from Brightpearl (when correctly configured).

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Amazon called this process “Dynamic Split Browsing.” In a video, here’s how the company described this feature back in 2011: You can think of Amazon Silk as a small store for files you access.

The “cloud accelerated” mobile browser has received a handful of its own improvements, says Amazon, including faster page load speeds, better HTML5 support, an improved Start page, and more.

And here’s another little tidbit – those devices, the Kindle Fire and Fire HD, are also getting an updated version of the Amazon Silk browser.

But one of the more interesting features is a new section which Silk calls “Trending Now.” This section identifies which webpages are seeing an unusual amount of traffic, indicating that they may contain some noteworthy information. I guess that’s the benefit of vertical integration.

That’s right – Amazon Kindle’s web browser is now watching for breaking news based on Kindle Fire user behavior. Amazon Silk on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet with Amazon web services and EC2 doing the heavy lifting, like the rendering of webpages.

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