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The book also contains challenging chapters on how we should choose a church and how to spend our Sunday; one should treat it special he argues, but not in a legalistic way.Although Harris has plenty of good things to say in his book there are a few weaknesses, especially reading it from a Welsh perspective.The church isn’t some other generation’s responsibility—it isn’t somebody else’s business. In it, the author provides clear, Biblical ...“Why church matters” by Joshua Harris is a 140 page book made up of 7 chapters addressing the issue of the local church and why becoming a passionate, committed, member of the local body is important ... , in Gaithersburg , Maryland , where he has been executive pastor at Covenant Life Church since 2001, and will resume role of senior pastor in fall 2004.Joshua Harris speaks nationally and has led New Attitude, conferences for college students that aims to spread a love for biblical truth combined with a passion for the presence of God. This role allows him to focus his energy on his young family and the church he feels God has called him to serve.

And not because of anything all the rage her, bar because of something all the rage him.I recently read a book by Joshua Harris entitled, “Stop Dating the Church: Fall In Love With The Family Of God.” In this book Harris affirmed that there are many people who “date” the church, but who are unwilling to fall in love with and be committed to the church. How many people do you know who are “believers” but they’re not “belongers.” They believe in Jesus, but don’t want to be tied down.They “date” the church, but want to remain independent and free of commitment and responsibility. It’s a small book, pocket sized, and only 129 pages; you could easily read it in a day.In the book Harris argues that an unfortunate culture has risen in church circles where people casually “date” the church rather than commit to a serious relationship.

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