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It’s always quite the challenge in any relationship when one person is wealthier than the other.

The impact is even greater when one of you is a scion who stands to inherit not just millions of dollars, but a family business empire as well.

After all, not even a hundred years ago, women were treated as second-class citizens, fighting for their right to vote and being relegated to housewives and mere baby-making machines.

The landscape has changed significantly for women in modern times, as today, females have practically equal rights with men.

But the fight isn’t over and the struggle is still very much real.

There are still issues of gender inequality in the world, professions where women are not getting the same salary as men and countries where women are mistreated.

The drawback to this kind of set up of course, is that any man with an ounce of insecurity in his bones would feel absolutely intimidated with a woman who even slightly resembles a Victoria’s Secret angel on his arm.

This can cause him to turn tail and get the heck out of a potential relationship with her.

When you were growing up, were you always one of those people who never needed to study and got straight As anyway?

Some guys don’t mind, but others feel like it’s a blow to their ego to be dating a woman who’s a CEO while he is simply just mid-management in his industry.

Many may remember the reality TV show “Beauty and the Geek,” which featured a group of gorgeous women who were to be paired up with the geekiest of male geeks and see if a guy and a girl who are poles apart in terms of looks and interests would actually hit it off.

But these traits have served women well in the long run, because coupled with perseverance and hard work, it has enabled them to rise from the ranks and hold managerial positions in big corporations.

In fact, it’s getting more and more common for the female to outrank her partner in terms of job position.

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