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AA is a spiritual program, not a religious one, and takes no position on political issues or any controversy.

The success enjoyed by Alcoholics Anonymous has been so great that many other groups have developed using the AA model for meetings and the 12-step format.

Many of the lawyer assistance programs (LAPs) feature meetings for lawyers only.

Sometimes, other readings are included, such as “How It Works” from chapter five of the text was published in 1939 on oversize paper because the group received a good price on the paper, making the book larger than standard publications.)As the meeting begins, the chair usually asks if there is anyone attending AA for the first, second, or third time ever.

The chair may then ask if there are any out-of-town visitors. Individuals who are at their first AA meeting or have less than 30 days of sobriety may be welcomed with a hug and awarded a “keep coming back” coin or chip.

At some point, the meeting pauses for announcements and to collect funds for AA’s Seventh Tradition, which states that AA groups are self-supporting through their own contributions.

Cash donations of a dollar or two are usual, although newcomers are not required to contribute until they understand what AA is about. At the end of the meeting, the group members stand, join hands, and recite the Lord’s Prayer or the Serenity Prayer, for those who care to join.

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