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GLDI members work in the most remote job site locations, in the major port and airport hubs of the world and very often under the most demanding circumstances. Whether it be transporting, packing / crating, lifting, etc., of heavy, oversized and out-of-gauge cargo, our people follow their jobs from beginning to the successful end, which has become the hallmark of our success. SCAMMER ALSO OPENS FAKE-ACCOUNTS FROM THEIR ALLEGED CHILDREEN OR GRANDCHILDREEN AND VICTIM BELIEVE THEY ARE REALLY TALKING WITH THE KIDS: BUT IN TRUTH THE VICTIM IS SPEAKING WITH THE SCAMMER About GLD International: Everyday GLD Internationl members handle a vast range of industrial projects work, from infrastructure projects, to major energy projects, to petroleum industry logistics. GLD Internationl brings together project cargo experts and independent project logistics specialist companies from around the world, all of whom have an expert focus on project logistics.

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But honesty, sense of humor, simple and positive approach to life is attractive for me for sure. I am a very trustable man, I am not looking for adventure. taking care of my kid alone .i use to travel a lot.I was doing what I do several nights each week, hosting one of our speed-dating events, which we had started more than 3 years earlier.We went on our first date 2 days later and I knew after our first date that he was the one.My mind was focused on creating a good company and bringing others together.We had one extra man that night, and when Aaron was without a "date", I went over to let him know he had a 3 minute break (each date is 3 minutes long).

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