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It won’t cost you anything and we promise not to embarrass you.Look for the big Landmark Live banner with three goofballs in front of it. The fair is coming to town and we’ve got things to do.***** At the suggestion of a health professional, I’ve started ingesting fish oil.(Get Between the Lines 24/7 on Twitter @ivanfoley, find Foley on his personal Facebook page and at, on Instagram, You Tube and Snapchat. On July 4 everybody be sure to take crappy cell phone photos of your fireworks displays and post them on social media. ****** Police will tell you July 4 holiday week is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.Lots of drinking and driving goes on during this summertime holiday period. For a reminder of how dangerous just a few drinks can be to your reactions, watch the Landmark Live DWI Prevention episode we did around Memorial Day.

As you can tell, because of the unanticipated rant caused by Park Hill ridiculousness I’ve run out of room to talk about the man/the myth/the legend that is Donnie Baker.And before you know it, an advertiser was immediately reaching out to say he wanted his business to be the lone sponsor of the show from the fair. Details are still being worked out but it sounds like they’ll have us placed near the Dirty Shame Saloon.We’ll be performing interviews with random folks, maybe talking to some random members of the band, engaging in random shenanigans, and perhaps randomly taste tasting a Dirty Shame beer or a Kraut Burger.Jeanette Cowherd, who is now the superintendent at Park Hill.District administrators may as well have held up a flashing neon sign saying “please sue us.” Park Hill needs to do better.

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