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Send it in 150 words or less to [email protected] we will honor another hero on Friday at .Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about our time at gym. We went to Florida for today’s Lack of Intelligence Report.Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Canada and it was a perfect storm!A woman accidentally stole a car and drove it around for 2 weeks!France and Croatia will play in the World Cup Final on Sunday. We have the menu and a place to put your suggestions on the Koz and Jen Facebook page. This has been named the #1 summer activity in the U. It will be so fun to see them take swings, but Koz is concerned about it messing them up for real play. Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in good old Florida!

Katherine used to play Izzie Stevens on what ABC hospital series? Mark Cuban went diving with sharks for the upcoming special Shark Tank Meets Shark Week. We will be back tomorrow starting at – KOZ and Jen This week’s Everyday Hero is Lydia Mahoney! Greenwood School on the south side and has been doing this work for over 20 years. Greenwood intersection she currently handles is her busiest one yet, and she continues to do it even after having knee replacement surgery! This is what she told us about her mom: “She is out there whatever the weather and is so appreciated by the families in the community and, as a teacher, I know how important she is to a school!

You have to read the whole story to believe it actually happened. D *INDICATES CHEAT SHEET FREE ANSWERS GIVEN AT WITH LISA ALLEN Thanks for listening again today! – KOZ and Jen Tomorrow is the big day – the day we honor the next Koz and Jen’s Everyday Hero!

Check it out here, and then be back on Monday at for another report. Send us a story about someone you know who is doing things to make the lives of those around them better! We will pick someone today and then share their story tomorrow at .

We will waste more time again on Monday starting at .

Earlier this week we took listener suggestions for what do eat at the Taste of Chicago, then we went, and now we have video!

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