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S., Texas has an abundance of fully and partially online postsecondary programs.

A current list of programs available to Texas residents can be found here.

As far as data on online ed.’s success in Texas, consider that, in 2014, the Texas Higher Education Data program reported that 32.6% of all semester credit hours (SCH) attempted in Texas were done so via a distance learning format.

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Those distance formats were subdivided as follows: 48.4% were taken entirely online; 42.4% were taken face-to-face but out-of-district or off-campus; 6.62% were taken via a hybrid/blended learning format; and the final 2.6% were taken using TVs and other non-computer mediums. Below, you will find our carefully calculated rankings of the 25 best online four-year programs in Texas, consisting of a mix of elite smaller schools and the very best of the massive state school networks.

The NCES estimates that 90% of fully online students enrolled in Texas courses today live in Texas. Read each school profile to better understand their approach to online education and the programs they offer; review our methodology to learn how we arrived at our final 25 best online schools in Texas; and explore our other Texas resources, from our database of every Texas school to our index of popular scholarships.

In effect, these online public programs let students throughout Texas earn their degree online while having relatively easy access to campus resources.

And while online students enroll at a specific branch, the public systems allow distance students to choose from a massive catalogue of courses run by their in-network sister schools.

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